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Stainless steel welded pipe can be regarded as the quality of steel?

Source:English website Release time:2016年10月20日

Everything is good or bad things in the world, the stainless steel pipe is the same, there are grades of, only to achieve a certain quality standard of stainless steel can be rated high quality steel. In this regard, the state has developed a set of stainless steel pipe grade standard. A good understanding of these standards will help us identify and identify better steel products. Today let us together to understand the quality of stainless steel welded pipe in the standard can be rated high quality steel.

1, high quality stainless steel welded pipe products must meet the GB/T17395-2008 requirements: outside diameter: 70 + 0.3mm, wall thickness tolerance: 2.2 + 0.2mm, length tolerance: 4060-0/+5mm;
2, bending degree to meet the E3 standard (full length bending degree 0.1%);
3, the degree of ellipse to meet the NR2 (ellipse is not greater than the diameter of the allowable deviation of 5%);
4, the outer wall of polished Ra is less than or equal to 0.8 (or Ra = 0.1);
5 stainless steel welding is completed, the surface should be cleaned in a timely manner.
6 stainless steel pipe surface treatment is completed, should pay attention to the protection of finished products, avoid personnel touch, to avoid oil pollution, dust and other two pollution.

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